The Beach at Capitola, California

It was cloudy and rainy yesterday when Jamie and I left San Jose, but by the time we got to Capitola it was sunny and bright. The town had very kindly arranged for everyone to have free parking until Christmas, and we were lucky enough to find a spot without much trouble.

The beach was full of families with young children, and we saw a very long line of people waiting to see Santa Claus in a Hawaiian shirt. Dozens of people of all ages were surfing, and I noted with surprise that the makers of wetsuits provide them even for preschoolers. 

There are many picturesque sites in Capitola, but probably the most famous is a row of beach houses each painted a different colour. There are some very nice restaurants and lots of stores selling art works and sea glass ornaments.

We seem to have picked an unusually busy day to visit, but even so it was a treat. I recommend it.

Old Railroad Trestle

Colourful Beach Houses
Families on the beach
Lining up to see Santa
Santa in a Hawaiian shirt
Capitola beach
Our feet in the Pacific Ocean
Capitola Beach
Toe prints in the sand


  1. We always enjoyed our visit to Capitola. Wear your tie dyed shirts, eat and drink at Margaritaville and look for Jimmy Buffets lost shaker of salt. We haven’t been there for a very long time, your posting made me think it’s time for another visit.

  2. Spent Sat night at La Selva…..beautiful Sun morn! But wanted to beat the traffic back! Beautiful day at the coast for sure!

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