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A Wrinkle in Buying

You know how, when you need some gift-buying inspiration, you go to a favourite shopping website and click on the options? You can select gift ideas for men, women, kids, or a specific celebratory event. Well, the people who put the products under those categories have some really […]

Road Trip 2018 Day 3

Today we drove from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Winnemucca, Nevada, which is roughly 445 miles (716 km). This is a long unexciting section of the journey with very little to look at. The most challenging part was making sure I didn’t run out of gas during the hundreds […]

Road Trip 2018 Day 1

Today, Jamie and I began our trip south for the winter. Jamie is keeping me company, managing all the electronics, reminding me to eat, and generally making the time go by much faster than it does when I do this alone. We drove from Edmonton Alberta to Shelby […]