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Audiobooks Save the Day

This is day one of my spring drive from San Jose to Edmonton. I am currently in Winnemucca, Nevada having driven for over seven hours. The first half of the journey was all traffic and the second half of the journey was all mountains and windy northern desert. […]

A Blooming Nuisance

I am getting ready to leave San Jose again until the next time, so I took several pictures of my favorite plant.  I originally planted this Strelizia in a pot on my patio back in 2010. Coincidentally, that is the same year I started this blog and the […]

Cornu aspersum!

Cornu aspersum!  No, I am not casting a Harry Potter-type spell. That is the Latin name for garden snails and right now there are lots of them on my patio wall. They are trying to escape from drowning in the soil of the planter by inching their way […]