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Big Build-Up

After a week of unbearable heat, we were about to have a thunderstorm. We were excited. It felt as though all was right with the world once again. I could hear the thunder and felt the first few drops of rain and then … nothing. All that buildup and anticipation for a very little satisfaction. […]

“Nimihitowin”: Dancing/Movement and“Mujeres Divinas”

Today I saw some new murals at Kingsway Mall in Edmonton. The first is called Nimihitowin and the artist is Nelson “Dedos” Garcia. The work is a tribute to two Nehiyaw (Cree) artists: iskocês (lunacee) and mitêw kisêynô (creeasian). (Kingsway Mural Project) The artist has said: “It is a celebration of the positive work that […]