Another Fine Mess

As Oliver Hardy once said to Mastercard; that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into. He didn’t actually say it to Mastercard, but he would have if he had my recent experience. To tell you this story, I have to provide a little background. I travel regularly from […]

Keep Calm and Stockpile

Will the San Jose Sharks play in an empty arena? That is the burning question of the day. Santa Clara County, where the Sharks play, is doing lots of sensible things to try to address the problems presented by COVID-19. They have encouraged people to work from home […]

Homage To The Humble Brick

Humans have invented amazing things, but some inventions are so ubiquitous that we overlook them. Today I am focussing my attention on one invention that owes everything to the ingenuity and industry of ancient civilizations. I am thinking about bricks. Ordinary, everyday, bricks. They have been around since 7000 […]