Category: Society

Thinking About Wings

When you think about wings, what comes to mind? Birds? Butterflies? Angels? Hospital buildings? I’m pretty sure you weren’t thinking about politics. So, why is it that we are all being shuffled off into either a left wing or a right wing of whatever politics are available to […]

Too Many Or Not Enough?

No matter which country you look at, the politics are terrible. I mean, really awful. We could blame it on greed, or lust for power, or the Internet, or fake news, or whatever cause you choose. It doesn’t matter. It’s all bad. There is a hierarchy of bad […]

Mutiny and Masks

The City of Edmonton decided this week that everyone should wear masks indoors in public places as of August 1. There are some exceptions, such as when eating and drinking, and for those with medical conditions that make wearing masks impossible, but for the rest of us when […]

When Guns Are Not Justified

A little while ago, Mark and Patricia McCloskey pointed their guns at some protesters in St. Louis. One of those guns was a semi-automatic rifle, a weapon of war. The protesters were walking together past the McCloskey house towards the home of their city’s mayor in order to […]

More Than One America

When you watch Independence Day celebrations and hear the patriotic songs, it looks and sounds as though the people of the USA are all celebrating the same thing, doesn’t it? Today, I’m beginning to think that the perception is wrong both for the observer and the celebrant. Yes, […]

How Little Has Changed

I remember some of the names of my high school classmates. Sylvia Coulson, Jane Cripps, Janice Butler, Valerie Russell, Penny Lewis, Peter Blackwell, and many more. My memory gets worse every day, but today I remembered one person who changed my perceptions. Her name was Penny Haag and […]

Camo and Combat Vests

Of all the many exciting, terrifying, celebratory, confusing, and frustrating images to come out of the recent demonstrations and marches, the pictures of non-military men carrying weapons and wearing camouflage are perhaps the most upsetting. I can’t stop thinking about how their pants and shirts have been coopted […]

Moving Money Is Expensive

Until COVID-19, I had a system for moving money from Canada to the USA based on my expectations of income and expenditures in each place each month. Then the pandemic hit and I suddenly found that my plans and expectations were dust in the wind. Now I have […]

An Environmental Analogy

Yesterday I walked along a street in which the trees have been pruned to clear the way for the power lines. As time has gone by, the trees have grown bigger and the trees’ branches have spread further apart. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the […]