Well, That’s New!

When I drove Jamie to the airport yesterday, we went through downtown San Jose and I noticed a few things that were new to me. So, today I went back to snap a few photos near Market Street and San Pedro Square.

The first new thing I noticed was that there are lots of scooters parked on the sidewalks at street corners and occasionally in the middle of city blocks. I saw several of them being ridden, and they are motorized so all you need is a telephone app and a sense of balance!

Then I noticed some new murals and, as you know, I love street art. Some of these may not be new, exactly, but they are new to me.

I also saw that there are two huge steel-and-glass buildings going up immediately adjacent to some of the oldest buildings in the city, The Fallon House Historic Site. The incongruity of their juxtaposition is startling.

Just across the street, though, the original adobe built by Manuel Gonzales, one of San Jose’s first mayors, is still standing. It’s in a restaurant courtyard and pedestrian thoroughfare, but it is being cared for and appreciated.


  1. Thanks Anne, I don’t always comment but I do read all of your articles , besides the only wall murals I see these days is what the Grand kids manage to do lol

  2. Wow — what a spectacular collection of murals! And what an incredible juxtaposition too, to see that historic adobe house right across from those ultra-modern buildings. You sure made excellent use of your trip to the airport, I should say!

    1. Thanks, Heide. San Jose has a lot of excellent murals. In fact, I just discovered a few more today only a few blocks from where I live. Some were in a back alley, so only a few people even know they exist.

  3. The scooters are a public safety nightmare down in SoCal. People have died or been seriously injured. They are left abandoned on private property and public right of way. They block driveways, sidewalks and handicap access. The companies that operate the scooters and electric bikes have been unwilling to cooperate with local officials to address these issues. Some communities have banned them outright. I saw a scooter collide with a car just yesterday. They go too fast and recklessly swerve through crowds of pedestrians. A towing company has started to confiscate the scooters right off the street. So far they have warehoused 40,000 scooters. The companies can reclaim them for a fee, but have chosen not to. Their supply line to China keeps sending more to replace the ones impounded. Millennials love the scooters, but they totally ignore all safety regulations. They’ve run me off the sidewalk and just laughed. I HATE the stupid things!

    1. I have to agree that these potentially great conveyances are causing a lot of headaches. I had not seen them until I arrived in San Jose last fall and they are everywhere. There are two brands of them and I am told the companies hire people to collect them at night and put them back where they belong. However, they still seem to be placed randomly more often than not.

      I also find them to be a huge problem at night because they are sometimes ridden in the road, sometimes on the sidewalk, and rarely with any lights that I can see.

      Riders must take more responsibility for their use, but that is being optimistic. They have begun to be a problem in my condo building where people are taking them home with them and making black tire marks on the carpetted hallways. Sigh.

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