Thursday Doors: Norwood Wesleyan Church

Norwood Wesleyan Church in Edmonton is closed for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown, but the members have chosen to send a message to the community in the meantime. In fact, they sent several messages and put them on the main doors.

The first thing I noticed was that there were several coloured paper hearts all around the door. They drew my attention in and then I started to read some of the many notices and tidings.


Among the formal notices about the closure there were: an email address to enable people in need to reach the pastor; invitations to check out the church’s Youtube and Facebook pages; and a suggestion to join an online Bible study.

I particularly enjoyed some of the pithy one-liners that also filled out space on the door-turned-notice-board.

  • Acting perfect in church is like dressing up for an x-ray.
  • Be the kind of person your pet thinks you are.
  • Don’t give up! Even Moses was a basket case.


Even the front steps joined the effort to connect with people through chalk messages:

  • Apart, but not alone
  • God loves you

I appreciated the thought that a closed door could provide a start to an open communication.


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  1. This reminds me of messages people have been chalking on the sidewalks and walls in our area. It’s really rather nice and I like your idea about closed doors leading to open communication. If we can just hold on to some of these good things that are happening once we’re starting to get back to normal.


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