Ooh, Aah, and Wha?

The Epcor Tower on 101 Street has a magnificent foyer and in that foyer are several pieces of art.  As soon as you walk through the main doors you are confronted with a huge, 7,200 lbs sculpture of a grizzly bear eating salmon. It is quite splendid.

Bear With Salmon by Dean Drever
Bear With Salmon by Dean Drever

Then, on the right-hand side of the foyer, is a maquette for that sculpture encased in a transparent box.

Maquette for Bear with Salmon by Dean Drever

It amused me to take a picture through the box so that the small bear looked large and the large bear in the distance looked small.

Maquette for Bear with Salmon by Dean Drever

On the other side of the entrance is an artwork that I spent some time contemplating and it evoked several images for me. My first thought was that it was a giant slingshot that David could have put to excellent use when faced with Goliath. Then I decided it was much too industrial for that and I wondered if it was, in fact, an object related to Epcor’s business in providing and maintaining utilities. It looks like a big scoop of some kind.

Want (2013-15) from Royden Mills

I could not find the name of its creator and I could not find a similar image online, so if anyone knows what it is and who made it I will add that information here. Alternatively, imaginative guesses about potential uses for the object will be thoroughly enjoyed.


UPDATE 3 Sept 2019: I just revisited this piece and discovered in the floor the information plate that I had missed previously. (I had been looking for it on the walls!) It turns out it isn’t a pea soup scoop after all. It is a collapsed parachute!  So now I have to rethink my perceptions of it.

Want (2013-15) from Royden Mills.


        1. Thank you for dropping by! I enjoy see and photographing public art when I come across it in my walks about the city. If the paper parachute sculpture is still in place I would love to see it.

  1. The Bear is amazing. I could look at it for hours. I love bears. However the pea green soup scoop leaves me wondering!

    1. I would have spent longer looking at the bear if it were placed somewhere near a seat. But, as it is right in front of the doors, I kept walking.

      Maybe that scoop is for pea soup! Lots of it. Excellent idea.

      Edit to add: I just noticed in my photo the seats beside the doors! Silly me.

    1. I like the bear, too. I may have to go back for another look.

      I like your chair with cushions idea; out on the back deck would be nice. In fact, when I did a Google image search for this sculpture, the system showed me only chairs!

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