Art Behind Edmonton City Hall

On 103a Avenue at the intersection with 100 Street, there is some interesting public art. I went there to take pictures of the murals on the front and sides of the Vignettes Building, and I was pleased to find behind City Hall a sculpture by Isla Burns that I had not seen before.

Caravel by Isla Burns (1992)
Caravel by Isla Burns (1992)
Mural at Vignettes Building. Artist unknown.
Mural at Vignettes Building by @pyramidguy
Mural at Vignettes Building by Giselle Denis

As I was walking around the Vignettes Building I discovered this lovely little message on a drain cover. I read it as “TEN TOES 1987” and I thought perhaps someone was celebrating a birth. The letters embossed in the drain cover are upside down in this picture and should read L & P. I could not discover what those letters stand for, but I assume it was the company responsible for the original drainage system in Edmonton.


  1. Kathleen Silverman, a wonderful instructor, will be teaching a 6 week course on Edmonton’s public art at the Jewish Seniors’ Centre. Here is a link to their newsletter. Look for Learning in Retirement on page 6. There isn’t a lot if information about the course, but it does include some registration details. Last year I took a class from her on art forgeries. It was terrific.

  2. I don’t know what the Caravel is, but I still love it! My favorite is Giselle Denis’ mural, though. What lovely finds! Thank you for sharing them here.

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