Four Blocks on Jasper Avenue

I arrived too early for my lunch date today, so I got off the bus early and walked to a viewing point at the river valley. I had hoped to go down to the riverwalk and take pictures of the fall colours, but the funicular wasn’t working and it was a cloudy, snowy day.  So I snapped a few shots of the view from the top and then took a leisurely walk along Jasper Avenue in Edmonton.

As I walked I took photos of various things that caught my eye, from interesting buildings to odd shelters for bulletin boards.  Here is what I saw.

North Saskatchewan River valley, Edmonton, Alberta.
North Saskatchewan River valley, Edmonton, Alberta.
Sculpture commemorating the Scottish poet, Robert Burns.
Old graffiti and an unusual arrangement of apartments.
Rice Howard Way
Edmonton Journal and Chateau Lacombe buildings
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building. While I was taking this picture, a man stopped to ask me what I was doing. When I said I was just taking a picture of the bank he paused and said: “You have beautiful eyes.” He made my day.
A decorated wall outside a parking garage.
Capturing the old scale of buildings with the new scale behind.
The old Paramount movie theatre, now disused.
A new experimental intersection where pedestrians can cross diagonally.
There are several of these shelters for bulletin boards. I wonder if they used to be bus shelters. They are lovely but odd.
Another bulletin board shelter. Notice how the posters are neatly arranged so as not to interfere with each other!


  1. A great deal has changed and many things have not since I was a grad student there in the ’80’s. Great photos- good to see them!

  2. I enjoyed your pictures. I am fascinated with the diagonal pedestrian crossings. They make sense! Have you used one yet?
    We had a 90-degree day in Kansas today, but it’s pre-storm conditions. Tomorrow our high will be in the ’60’s. No snow for us for a while though! It helps me remember how far north you are when I see snowflakes in your pictures.

  3. Nice pics, Anne. In my view, the words “experimental intersection” should not be used together in such close proximity.

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