Wrapped Dinosaurs and a Worried Little Girl

In Borden Park this morning, workers were preparing for an exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs which will be open to the public September 24-26. Today’s park visitors were drawn to watch the hive of activity from behind red metal fences. We peered through the spaces to watch dinosaurs, wrapped in plastic, being carefully manoeuvred into place […]

Big Build-Up

After a week of unbearable heat, we were about to have a thunderstorm. We were excited. It felt as though all was right with the world once again. I could hear the thunder and felt the first few drops of rain and then … nothing. All that buildup and anticipation for a very little satisfaction. […]

“Nimihitowin”: Dancing/Movement and“Mujeres Divinas”

Today I saw some new murals at Kingsway Mall in Edmonton. The first is called Nimihitowin and the artist is Nelson “Dedos” Garcia. The work is a tribute to two Nehiyaw (Cree) artists: iskocês (lunacee) and mitêw kisêynô (creeasian). (Kingsway Mural Project) The artist has said: “It is a celebration of the positive work that […]