Pfeiffer Beach at Big Sur, California

There is a very narrow and winding road down to this beach in California. If two vehicles need to pass each other, one of them has to back up to one of the occasional passing spaces.

The beach is famous for the holes in the rocks that sometimes line up with the sun. Some determined souls gather here at the winter solstice to get the perfect picture of a wave at the precise moment when the sun and the hole and the wave align.

Mine are not perfect pictures, but they are pretty darned good pictures taken in October on a lovely day.


  1. Love California’s coast. Totally beautiful photos. Spent 3 days in Pismo Beach the first weekend in October. Southern CA. Was so soothing and lovely.

  2. Anne mentioned the winding bumpy very narrow road one needs to take to get to this beach what she failed to mention was that after about a mile in we were met by the biggest widest garbage truck in all of Monterey County. Good thing Lynn is an excellent backwards driver.

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