Water Birding

I heard the gaggle of Canada Geese before I saw them. A goose’s call is very distinctive, and when there are many of them is it impossible to ignore. I saw the splashes as they landed in the channel beside the marina and then I watched as they paddled towards the shore between the docked yachts.

In the short time I have been here, I have not seen geese in this particular location, so I was surprised to see such a large group.They didn’t stay long. I noticed that there was one clear leader and another goose that was acting as the rear guard. That one seemed to be curious about locations different from the leader, but ultimately it followed along. I know how it feels.

Apparently, they didn’t find what they were looking for, and they honked again as they flew away.

Then, later that same morning I saw a group of birds that I could not name. They were small, black birds, with pointed beaks and they stayed close together in a group, feeding in the grass.

Then they all flew away together to find different food on the beach. If you can zoom in on this video, you can see them among the rocks, all busily foraging.


  1. I have both heard and seen gaggles of geese flying over the house here recently. Fall migrations beginning? Maybe they will visit Nanaimo!

      1. Thanks for the link. I like to see the geese each year. They seem to fly over here and spend about a week, maybe a bit less, in Olinder Park. Then they leave and are not here until the next year. They do leave a lot of goose poop but are lovely to watch. My Buddy is very much a ‘bird dog’ (not exactly Boston Terrier behavior), however he never even looks at the geese. I’ve wondered if maybe they are too large for him! Now I must wonder if these geese are Canadian! Hmmm.

          1. Buddy does have his moments of ‘smart’! LOL I have seen a couple of geese pursuing one another on the ground, sort of lying low to the ground, and looking pretty ferocious. I would not want to get caught amongst them.

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