Thanks for Nothing, Ted Lasso

When I moved in here on 10th, I thought I was being clever in arranging for the cable company to hook me up with TV and internet on the same day. I wasn’t clever enough, however, to realize that the technician would need access to the condo complex’s mechanical room. That requires a key that I did not have. After he left I discovered where I could get the key, but by then it was too late.

So, I did as the technician advised and arranged for someone else to come at a later date. Unfortunately, the earliest date at which they could come was 25th. Tomorrow.

That means I have been without TV or Internet for 14 days and counting. Well, to be perfectly honest, I did have hotspots on both my phones. I had an old iPhone 7 for my number from my former address and then I got a new phone number put on my newer iPhone. So, I haven’t been completely out of touch.

I have tried to be frugal with the data available to me and the one or two bars of Internet access, but I am used to catching up with multiple news sources every morning and finding some televisual amusement in the evenings. Being without cable TV, though, I decided to download AppleTV, and there I discovered Ted Lasso.

You have probably already seen this, but I just found it and loved it. As a consequence, I got up to season 2 episode 12 before I ran out of data. So, thank you Ted Lasso for the many hours of entertainment, even though you brought my supply of data down to nothing.

Yesterday both my phones advised me that I could buy extra data, so I did that on one of the phones only to discover that the additional data won’t kick in until after the technician has been here and hooked me up with my own WIFI. Duh! Oh well, it’s feast or famine, I suppose.

So, this evening my entertainment has been reduced to listening to my collection of music on ITunes and trying to read the names of yachts in the harbour. I don’t know if boats are supposed to have names on them or if those names should be fore or aft, but I can see very few. The ones I can see range in peculiarity from Knot Home to Intrinsic.

When I told my phone to give me songs at random from my decades of album collection, quite by chance the first track I got was a recording of my younger son’s former radio show. I thoroughly enjoyed listening again to an hour of songs related to the Edmonton Fringe Festival in August 2011. Great fun.

I am also crocheting yet another toque. I know, I know. It is summer time and very hot, but when you have nothing but time and yarn, what else can you do?

If you are able to read this tomorrow, the 25th, it is because either my tiny WIFI access was enough or there was an overnight miracle. Because of my lack of trust in miracles, I am using photos I have previously uploaded. There is only so much you can do with one bar of connectivity on an old phone.



This is the toque/beanie/bobble hat I finished just before the technician arrived.


  1. Today is your day to reconnect , hope your technician hooks you up, greet him or her with a great big smile, they have to deal with grouchy people throughout their day. Have a nice cup of tea by your window and relax.

    • I will greet the technician with a smile but they won’t be able to see it under the mask I am required to wear for their visit! Even so, I will be very happy.

      It’s too hot for tea right now but I will raise a glass of something cold to you, V.

    • Yes, I am once again connected with the world! Yay! Soon after I was back online I discovered that I had seen all the episodes of Ted Lasso currently in existence, so I will have to wait for season 3.

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