Thursday Doors: One Giant Leap

Perhaps this is the door they use when they pour hot oil on hostile attackers. Or, maybe it is the escape route of last resort in the event of a home invasion. More likely, there was once a balcony that has since been removed. But, why did they leave the door and screen door in place?

My guess is that, during the hot summer months the upper floor needs ventilation, so the screen door serves that purpose.Β  I just hope they have some way to prevent accidents.


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  1. You see these every once in a while on old buildings. There is one on an old hotel in downtown Guelph.
    Always makes you wonder.

  2. An excellent find!
    Your theory makes sense but I can imagine that closing off the wall completely would be a bit complicated. New siding where the door is won’t match or look right, and replacing all the siding on the entire facade could get expensive.

  3. Perhaps the screendoor is permanently locked? Or perhaps that door is an escape when you want to get away from your spouse. It’s not too far a jump. (just a joke, don’t try this at home kids) πŸ™‚

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