Living The Life

This is my first day in Playa del Carmen in Mexico and I am exhausted, delighted, and overwhelmed. I arrived here with my son Ken and his family, Julie and Hayden, at 7:15 AM local time which was 4:15 in our heads. We took a shuttle to our hotel and left our bags there until we could check-in at 2:00 PM.

Breakfast was easy to find at one of the dozens of restaurants and cafes nearby, and then we walked to the beach because, well, it’s the reason we are here. Coming from Edmonton Alberta to the sun, sea, and sand is contrast so great that it is hard to believe. In fact, we couldn’t believe it ourselves. Before we left home, Ken had spent a couple of hours shoveling snow so that he could park his and Julie’s cars in the back alley. We had learned that the city was going to blade the snow from our residential street while we were going to be in Mexico so the cars had to move. For Ken, the Canada-Mexico contrast was even more profound that it was for those of us who didn’t shovel snow today.

By 11 AM I was as hot as I have ever been. We all napped a little on the beach, but mostly we watched the world go by in its bathing suits. We were all embarrassingly overdressed for the location, so we quickly went to a tourist shop selling dresses, shorts, and flip-flops so that we could pretend a semblance of coolness.

After we were able to get to our rooms, we all took more naps, then discovered we had chosen a fantastic hotel. Out of pure luck, we found that Aventura Mexicana is a delightful retreat from the world, with pools, plants, shade, air conditioning, music, a spa!

We then went for an evening meal at a restaurant that was showing the Oscars. We talked about films, actors, and showbusiness while relaxing in the evening breezes. This is the life.



  1. Lovely! We honeymooned not far from there and it was paradise! We’re returning to celebrate 10 years of marriage in May – I’m so excited already! Hope you all have a wonderful time xxx

  2. 1. I absolutely love the photo of you with the beach background. Beautiful.
    2. Sounds and looks wonderful. Enjoy and savor.

    • It is lovely here, Nancy. For the last couple of years I have been coming back to Edmonton in January or February then returning to San Jose. This year I cam back in February for a medical appointment and to go on vacation with Ken and family. I’ll be heading back to California at the end of the month. I hope you are well.

  3. Doing okay. We just got back from 2 weeks in Italy. A conference in Rome and then tourist stuff in Rome and Naples. We loved it there. Weather was okay, but Caribbean okay, if you know what I mean. Continue to have fun. It really looks gorgeous!

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