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"Taking Out the Trash" by Stavos

The Joy of the Dump

Oh, the joy of the dump. No, not that kind of dump. The municipal dump. The waste disposal site. Today I took some trash to the dump. This trash has a history that raises issues of honesty and integrity and ethics, but mostly it’s just trash. Recently, we […]


Knob Stealers

Some people steal the knobs off appliances. They could be knobs from stoves, washers, or dryers; the knob-stealers don’t care. Discovering this odd human trait has been a revelation to me, not unlike finding out that some people are seven feet tall, or albino. It’s really odd and […]


Turned Away

Imagine, hypothetically, that you are charged with receiving and processing donations to a charitable recycling store. Imagine also that you are short-staffed and overburdened. Donations are piled higher than you can reach, and you can no longer see the floor in the receiving bay. You make an executive […]