I’m Not Really Passive-Aggressive. Well, Maybe Just A Little.

Regular readers of Snowbird of Paradise may remember that I once wrote a blog post about finding regular contributions to my back-lane garbage. Someone has been leaving their dog’s poop, carefully collected in green compostable bags, in one or other of the bins I use for garden waste. I wondered at the time who would […]

Handshake by John Hain via Pixabay (CC 0)

A Bully is Really Just a Little Pecker

It takes a special kind of perversity to use a handshake, the symbol of connection and cooperation, as a tool in establishing control. Pecking orders are about establishing dominance and social hierarchy.  Chickens do it by pecking, and Donald Trump does it with bone-crushing over-long handshakes. There have been a few instances where world leaders […]