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Blogging Awards

I have been nominated for four blogging awards in the past, and I am pleased and honoured to have been considered.  The process, however, requires a kind of chain-letter nomination of other bloggers, and this makes me a little uncomfortable.  In the spirit of recognizing great blogs, though, I […]


Not Suitable For Prime Time

As the world mourns the death of Robin Williams, my thoughts turned to the anguish that his family and friends must be experiencing. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote about five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) in her book On Death and Dying. This has been widely […]


Go Ahead

I have just finished reading an excellent novel by Jojo Moyes called Me Before You. Since the story involves a caregiver and the man she cares for, it’s easy to assume that the title is about which of them would or should die first. The tease in the […]