At the DMV

I decided to get a California identification card because San Jose locals seem to be bewildered by my Alberta driver’s licence. I had an appointment so I was able to join the shorter, faster-moving line. Me: I want to apply for an ID card She [without looking up]: […]

Too Many Perky Pills

There’s an exercise franchise that I quite like. It uses a variety of exercise machines placed in a circle, and members spend a minute at each station. Genius. Fifteen stations, one minute each, twice; half an hour and we’re done. Bingo. Exercise guilt assuaged. The trouble is it […]

What Happens Next

A friend was recently faced with a huge disappointment at work, and her response had a big impact on me. She was clearly dismayed but accepted the new information quietly. Then, after an hour or so, she started to consider how to continue in the face of the […]

Dim Bulb

I know it’s not just me. You don’t think this ban on incandescent bulbs makes sense, do you? No, I didn’t think so. Like you, I want to preserve the planet, reduce, reuse, recycle and drive a Prius, but this bulb thing just does not compute. As of […]

The Spaces Between

This week I have attended two public events and at both there were audience members who behaved inappropriately. Generally speaking, I like people. I like people of various races and ages, abilities and educations. I like getting to know people and I like spending time with people. What […]