A Short Canadian’s Thoughts on Long American Primaries

First, do away with the primaries. You really don’t need them.  They are long, expensive, exhausting and, ultimately, boring. The political parties could just come up with a list of potential candidates and email them to their members. The emails would provide links to CV’s and stump speeches. The party members would then vote online. […]


Narrow and Broad (Perceptions of) Women

Listen up, media people. We want more women in our entertainment. Young women, old women, middle-aged women, gay, straight, and transgender women. We want to see people like ourselves. We want to see our mothers and grandmothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, cousins, and nieces. We want them beautiful, plain, or wrinkled. Firm and flabby, fit and frail, […]


Drop Me a Line

Keeping track of which method of communication people prefer is really difficult.  We are awash with choices. Individually, each is wonderful and enhanced by modern technology. Collectively, they are a problem. Person A doesn’t like making phone calls because it always seems to be an intrusion on friends and family, and corporations have those awful robot […]