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It’s Not You, It’s Me

I always took the time to craft an interesting written online dating profile. However, that whole process made me spend far too much time thinking about myself and my appearance. I also had a hunch that time was wasted, and today I was confirmed in that suspicion. It […]

A Leap of Doubt

My regular family doctor is on vacation so I went to see another doctor in the same clinic to get a prescription renewed. He asked how long I had been taking that particular medication. I said I couldn’t remember. Then he asked how long I expected to be […]

Web of Words

Question: Aside from exercise equipment, what is something you buy but hardly ever use? Answer: Insurance. I am trying to untangle the web of words surrounding two different insurance policies so that I can try to decide which would serve me better. It’s impossible. There is no way […]


I watched a bit of the Tour de France cycling race on TV yesterday, and was alarmed by some of the onlookers. Why do the organizers let the crowd stand so close to the cyclists? Some of them were actually waving big flags in the riders’ faces! This […]

My Favourites

The funny thing about My Favourites on my TV is that they aren’t favourites at all. They are simply the channels that I actually get on my TV. I had to scroll through the hundreds of channels listed in the guide and find out which ones produce a […]