The Presumption of Innocence Can Cause the Innocent to Suffer

The problem with “He said, she said” is that it isn’t fair. In our criminal justice system, we always have the presumption of innocence. That’s fine and good, but when there are no witnesses and there is no evidence, there can be no guilty verdict. Many people, mostly women, have been on the losing end […]

Handshake by John Hain via Pixabay (CC 0)

A Bully is Really Just a Little Pecker

It takes a special kind of perversity to use a handshake, the symbol of connection and cooperation, as a tool in establishing control. Pecking orders are about establishing dominance and social hierarchy.  Chickens do it by pecking, and Donald Trump does it with bone-crushing over-long handshakes. There have been a few instances where world leaders […]