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International Divorce

I understand why Britain chose to divorce itself from the European Union. It was a marriage fraught with irritations, and in order to end the annoyances Britain decided to walk away. It was a tough decision and it could have gone either way, but they walked. I feel […]

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Playing With Dolls

From the moment a child is born, we want to reassure ourselves that our baby fits into our perceptions of what is considered normal. Normal numbers of fingers and toes, normal weight, normal health, and normal gender. The problem with that is that we have very narrow perceptions of […]

Travel Weary

I am too tired even to reply to my roommate’s astonishment that I am awake at 7:30 in the morning. She had greeted me briefly after she came home from work yesterday, just before she asked me to put her laundry in the dryer and went out to celebrate Cinco […]

Drop Me a Line

Keeping track of which method of communication people prefer is really difficult.  We are awash with choices. Individually, each is wonderful and enhanced by modern technology. Collectively, they are a problem. Person A doesn’t like making phone calls because it always seems to be an intrusion on friends and […]

Carless in California

I am, unexpectedly, undergoing a social experiment. I am living in California without a car. “What utter madness!” I hear you cry. But, it’s true. And, it’s by choice…kind of. When I returned here on New Year’s Eve, I expected to be buying or leasing a car within […]

Ladies Only Glow

My mother had an adage for every occasion. If it was a very hot day she would say, “Horses sweat and men perspire, but ladies only glow.” The implication was that men were more civilized than horses and women were more delicate than both, or at least less […]

Christmas Stockings

Canadians, like the Japanese, take their shoes off at the door before entering the house.  I’m not sure why the Japanese do it, but Canadians do it because half the year is snowy, slushy, or wet and we don’t like tracking dirt on to the floors. When I […]

Virtual Charity

You’d think it would be easier to give money away For several years now I have been donating money to charities in lieu of gifts to my siblings. We all have enough necklaces and scarves, so this is the best way to show I care and do some […]

Houston Has A Problem

Houston, you have a problem.  You just voted to repeal an ordinance that would have banned discrimination on the basis of age, race, or sex, and I don’t think you know what you have done. You bought into the propaganda that made you afraid. You were lead to […]