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Snowbird of Paradise

An Albertan who spends winters in California.

Turned Away

Imagine, hypothetically, that you are charged with receiving and processing donations to a charitable recycling store. Imagine also that you are short-staffed and overburdened. Donations are piled higher than you can reach, and you can no longer see the floor in the receiving bay. You make an executive […]


As you know, a to-do is an item on a list. Usually it’s a chore, a renovation, a repair, or an errand. Back in the day, though, a to-do was a public fuss or argument. I can remember my mother saying “Oh, she caused such a to-do!” to […]

I’m nobody’s little lady

In 1985 the Canadian Minister of Justice, John Crosbie, told a female liberal minister to “just quiet down, baby.” Sheila Copps’ response has become legendary. She said simply, “I’m nobody’s baby.” That smart and incisive retort came at a pivotal point in my life. I had been in […]