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Snowbird of Paradise

An Albertan who spends winters in California.


I watched a bit of the Tour de France cycling race on TV yesterday, and was alarmed by some of the onlookers. Why do the organizers let the crowd stand so close to the cyclists? Some of them were actually waving big flags in the riders’ faces! This […]

My Favourites

The funny thing about My Favourites on my TV is that they aren’t favourites at all. They are simply the channels that I actually get on my TV. I had to scroll through the hundreds of channels listed in the guide and find out which ones produce a […]

Canadian Pride Sharks

Flags cause wars. At least, that’s what my Dad used to say. Once when my parents were visiting me in Calgary from England, Dad asked why there were so many national flags around the gas station. This was back when Petro-Canada was a crown corporation and Canadians were […]

The Reality of Dreams

I woke myself up the other night, shouting at a burglar. I was visiting my son and his family, and dreamed that someone was on the deck outside the room. I yelled, “Get off our deck!” Then I yelled it again. In the dream, I could only see […]