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Snowbird of Paradise

An Albertan who spends winters in California.

The Reality of Dreams

I woke myself up the other night, shouting at a burglar. I was visiting my son and his family, and dreamed that someone was on the deck outside the room. I yelled, “Get off our deck!” Then I yelled it again. In the dream, I could only see […]

Customer Inadequacy Cards

Store cards, sometimes called Customer Appreciation Cards or Loyalty Cards or Club Cards or Reward Zone Cards, are really just a device for identifying the degree to which the customer is inadequate. By the time I have chosen the store, the product, and the checkout line, I am […]

Being Invisible

The actor Matthew Mondine once totally ignored me. He was attending a film festival at which I was a volunteer usher, and his entourage was leading him towards the question-and-answer session he was to host. Obviously, he was focussed on his goal and I didn’t expect him to […]

Child On A Mission

The girl on my doorstep was about seven years old and was accompanied by her mother. They were promoting a “free public event” regarding A World Government and who should rule it. I knew it was a religious pitch, and I was ready to deliver my normal abrupt […]