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Snowbird of Paradise

An Albertan who spends winters in California.

pills and pill bottle

Silver-tongued Speed Talkers

North American pharmaceutical companies market their wares not only to doctors, clinics, and hospitals, but also to patients. They have found that by putting their advertisements on television they create a steady stream of potential customers who obediently head to their nearest medical centre to talk to their […]

A Lack of Video Evidence

Someone recently stole the miscellany from the glove box of my car — even the car’s manual. Who steals a manual? Everyone knows you can download them from the internet.  I’m guessing that whoever it was just took everything, regardless, and then threw most of it away. The other […]

Uber Music

When we are driving alone in our cars we have a chance to listen to the music that we enjoy the most. We don’t have to conform to any social pressures and we don’t have to take into account the tastes of any friends or family members. We can […]