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Snowbird of Paradise

An Albertan who spends winters in California.

Stationary bike electronic display

Rude Machines

A stationary bike was very rude to me this morning. I have been less than faithful in getting to the gym as often as I intend to, so I felt pretty good about myself when I made it my first priority this morning.  I did my usual walk […]

Black Lives Matter Protest crowd Toronto

Duelling Causes

In Toronto, Canada this week we had an interesting kerfuffle. Two social/political action groups found themselves in a very public lovers’ spat. The LGBTQ community had invited the Black Lives Matter group to lead the Toronto Pride parade. It was intended as a gesture to recognize black LGBTQ […]

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International Divorce

I understand why Britain chose to divorce itself from the European Union. It was a marriage fraught with irritations, and in order to end the annoyances Britain decided to walk away. It was a tough decision and it could have gone either way, but they walked. I feel […]

woman reading on couch

I Have Become A Slob

It doesn’t take long to become a slob. About four years, actually. In the beginning you keep all your going-to-work clothes, telling yourself that you won’t lower your standards just because you are retired. You still plan to go out every day, and you can get just as […]