Lotus Pinnatus Park, Nanaimo

In Nanaimo is an interesting park with multiple landscapes. It has meadows, hillsides, cliff edges, and forests. Something for everyone.

It is also home to the city’s official flower, Lotus Pinnatus, which is also known as Hosackia pinnata and popularly as the Bog bird’s-foot trefoil. By all accounts, it is a lovely thing to behold. However, I was not fortunate enough to behold it during my walk on Monday, but I suspect it will be camera-ready some time in the next week or so.

When it does decide to bloom, it will have a lot of competition. There are beautiful meadows full of wild flowers in this park and occasional sightings of rare loveliness all along the trail paths. Judge for yourself.


  1. Amazingly beautiful area with so many types of wild flowers. Such a treat! I had an adventure yesterday at Brickyard. First visit in about 8 years I believe. Getting place ready for new tenants and had the wonderful opportunity to happen upon 3 neighbors I knew so well when we lived there. Best Day in a very long time!

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