Capitola is Recovering

In January 2023, the city of Capitola in California suffered extensive damage from a “bomb cyclone” storm. The picturesque holiday houses were flooded with debris, the wharf broke in half, and the beach was covered with all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. You can see before and after pictures in this SF Gate article.

Since then, a lot of work has gone into repairing and rebuilding. The houses have been repainted, flood damage mitigated, and broken windows replaced. Restaurants have been and are being similarly fixed up, sometimes while the business is open to customers. When I was there this week with family, I saw a huge window being installed in the restaurant where we had lunch.

The beach has, to a large extent, been cleaned up and everyone is invited to take with them any driftwood they would like to use for decorative or artistic purposes. Some large tree trunks and giant root balls remain, and we speculated that it would take some large machinery to remove them from the beach.

Given the devastation that the storm caused, it was encouraging to see so many businesses open again and good restorative work in process.


  1. Just catching up on reading blogs, so late to this post. But I have to say, I LOVE the picture of the colorful array of beachfront cabins(?), with a few reflecting in the water. I’m guessing this was even prettier prior to the storm, but it’s still pretty. Such a lovely picture!

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