Two Lovely Gardens

Yesterday I enjoyed walking past and briefly enjoying two lovely gardens at Vancouver Island University. I was on my way to meet a student and had parked in an unfamiliar parking lot. As a consequence I had to find my way down several sets of stairs to find her in the library. The university campus is situated on a landscape that rises up from the Nanaimo harbour, so pedestrians have to navigate the geography.

I might have been irritated by this had I not been delighted to see some loveliness along the way. I did not see any signs to indicate the creators of these delightful places, so here they are just as I saw them.

Behind the sculpted figure in Kwulasulwut Garden is a path for people using specialized wheeled devices. It is made of locally-derived wood and is connected to paths and other ramps throughout the university campus.

The Japanese garden is in full bloom now, and worth a visit. If I were a student, I would probably come here for relaxation and to enjoy watching the fish.

If you can add information about the garden designers or the sculptor, I will happily add it here.


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