Old City, Nanaimo

This week’s hike took us to the old part of the city of Nanaimo. We enjoyed seeing many old residential buildings from the turn of the last century with big beautiful gardens. I didn’t take photos of them because they were private property and it would have been intrusive, but I recommend the area to other hikers–and gardeners!

We also saw a grand view of Nanaimo harbour from the site of the former Malaspina Gardens seniors care residence. It was originally built between 1925 and 1942, and was Nanaimo Hospital until 1962. The site remains empty but seems to be perfect for anyone who wants an expansive outlook.

Our walk also took us along an alley that has been beautified by the local residents with paintings and other artwork that they have placed on garages, fences, and sheds.

From there we walked towards the town centre via an area that has been developed to preserve as much of the Old City architecture as possible and to maintain its character.

It was a refreshing change for this hiking group to enjoy an urban walk, and we all appreciated the sights, sounds, and good company.


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