Linley Valley Drive and Linley Valley Cottle Lake Parks

In between rain showers today I enjoyed a 5 km walk through Linley Valley Drive Park and part of the way into Linley Valley/Cottle Lake Park with my Monday morning hiking group.

The trees were resplendent in their coatings of lichens and moss, and I also enjoyed seeing several nurse stumps. Nurse stumps are mother nature’s use of the remains of logged trees to nurture new growth. As seeds fall from the trees above, the decaying stumps provide fertile ground for the seeds to take root.

It’s a bit like having a wet nurse, but it’s also like leaving the baby with a grandparent. Either way, the new seedlings are looked after and bring a new tree into existence.


  1. Oh Anne, to me these photos and this area far surpasses even the beautiful water photos you have shared with all. Love the concept of nurse stumps! Thank you Thank you!

  2. I had not heard of nurse stumps; thanks for explaining that. It adds a poignancy to your pictures, which are already stunning. I love what we are learning about what trees do to support each other.

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