Adventures in Interior Design

After I moved into this apartment I decided that the grey wall-to-wall carpeting needed something extra; specifically, a dash of colour. So I ordered an 3′ x 5′ area rug that I thought would coordinate with the window pelmets (or valances) and really tie the room together as the famous designer, The Big Lebowski, once said.

When the rug arrived the colours did, indeed, coordinate with the window pelmets, but it was sadly too small for the room. After spending a couple of days wondering whether or not to return it, I decided that it would add something to my otherwise bland bedroom, and so I kept it. That rug now brings colour and a little zest of life to my otherwise dormant sleeping quarters.

This left the living room in need of some piquancy, and so I went to the same website and ordered the same area rug, but this time I wanted it bigger. Accordingly, I ordered it 6′ x 9′. “That’ll do it,” I thought. The company advised me that this would be an international shipment and might take a while, and so I settled in to wait.

About four weeks later a package arrived from that same company, but it wasn’t a 6′ x 9′ area rug. It was a pillow! A copper infused pillow, to be precise, but still not an area rug. Somewhat bemused, I called and asked what I should do with the pillow. The agent advised me to hold on to it and wait two weeks for someone to tell me where to shove it, whether that be in the mail or in a closet. They also advised me that a new order for the 6′ x 9′ area rug had been put in motion. Great. This is progress.

Two weeks later, I received the area rug. It was perfect. The colours match the pelmets and the size is exactly right for the space. Win win. I was a happy camper.

Then today, another week on, another delivery person arrived with a second 6′ x 9′ area rug. I was bewildered. “This is a mistake” I told them. “I have already received the rug I ordered and it now sits in my living room.” “So do you want to decline to accept the delivery?” they asked. “Yes, I suppose I do,” I replied, although I felt as though some explanation ought to go along with my refusal of the rug.

After they left, I called the company to explain that there had been a mixup. The lovely woman to whom I spoke explained that the first delivery had been the original order and the second attempted delivery had been the replacement for the order that I and they thought had gone missing. She assured me that I had only been billed once, and everything was hunky dory. Super. Aside from wondering if I had missed out on an opportunity for a free rug, I was completely reassured.

Then, because this agent was so helpful, I decided to push the envelope and ask about the laundry hamper that had also been ordered. It was now ten days past the estimated delivery date. She assured me that this was not a problem, that the laundry hamper was presumed to be lost in shipping and she would make a new order for me for that same hamper.

What are the chances I’ll end up with two laundry hampers? No, I’m not taking bets, but I might make space in my closet for another pillow.


  1. Love the whole story of rug and pillow (really?) and yet more rug. The rugs, both large and small, are lovely. Your tree is cheery and makes me feel happy. Our decorations, indoors and outside, went up on Sunday also. We were not even the first in the neighborhood to decorate!

      • I agree and I am nothing if not a pagan! These cold, dark days leading up to Solstice are the most difficult days for me. Then Solstice brings a very gradual additional light and I again begin to feel hopeful.

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