Autumn Outlook

Today it is raining and the rain is adding vibrancy to the fall colours. This morning I stepped out to mail a letter and noticed how lovely the garden wall looked.

In case you were wondering, I don’t use those stairs because there is an elevator to get me to and from the ground floor and the stairs can be slippery. They do, however, provide residents access to the garage which is on that level. That is also where you see a white grille in the wall. No-one is imprisoned there! At least, I don’t think so, but if you were looking for an idea for a short story, you can have this one on me.


  1. Quite a delightful view; with the angles of the stairs and buildings and the rounded softness, textures and colors of nature’s contribution.

  2. Lovely color and rain! I would love to see rain! Being a non-stair user I must ask if the elevator allows you access to the garage? Or are you perhaps imprisoned behind the white bars? Eek! Well, Halloween is almost here.

    1. This is the first rain I have seen in a long time. It has been unusually hot and dry here this summer.

      Yes, the elevator takes me to a bridge to the garage. I don’t have to use any steps. Once inside, however, one must have a key or a remote opener to get out of the garage. I suppose I could be trapped if I forgot my key, but the neighbours are friendly and I’m sure someone would free me. 🙂

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