Neck Point Park, Nanaimo

I have joined a group that takes an easy hike (4 km or less) once a week. So far they have introduced me to three different parks, all within the city of Nanaimo. Today we went to Neck Point Park which is described on the city’s website as follows:

“Neck Point is a destination waterfront park for Nanaimo and the region. The park is recognized as an environmentally sensitive area and is well known in the community for its historic, scenic and natural features. Additional land was acquired in 2009 and the park now provides visitors with 36 acres of a waterfront setting to explore. Visitors will find rugged rock cliffs, with pebble bay beaches, and winding trails through Garry Oak groves. The park is a great location for photographers wanting to capture the essence of Nanaimo and the west coast lifestyle.”

“The park is also popular with scuba divers as an access road allows for drive up diving. Divers tell tales of an impressive array of sealife off the rocky headlands at the end of the parks namesake ‘neck’. There is a deep water rock wall face that is reportedly home to a friendly octopus.”

“The headland area in the north section of the park is a great spot to watch for Orca and Sea lions and otters. During herring season the beach is awash with the roe (January).”

We had hoped to catch sight of a whale but missed an adult and a young humpback by less than an hour. This is another reason to return to this gorgeous place.


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