Squawking Children

On my way out along the seafront today, I saw what appeared to be a juvenile gull squawking at its mother. It continually followed her around and occasionally pecked at her. The repeated, high pitched, squawk was not having the desired effect. Shortly after I took this video, the mother flew away and left the chick on the beach. The squawks then became less frequent and a little more pitiful.

When I reached the park, I overheard a mother and son chatting. The boy appeared to be about ten years old, and he was insisting he could see a flamingo. When the mother indicated he was mistaken, he said indignantly “Are you even listening to me!” Not unlike the seagull’s child. The mother looked momentarily taken aback, and her eyes narrowed, but she did not immediately respond.

As I was on the return journey, I heard a familiar squawking from a bird flying near the yacht club parking lot. It landed on top of a car and continued to cry out as I made this short video. I am willing to bet that is the same juvenile gull that was harassing its mother earlier. I am also willing to bet she’s going to let it squawk for a while. That’s just good parenting.


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