Free Ideas

Little Free Libraries come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are in the boxes sold as kits by the Little Free Library organization. Sometimes they are in repurposed newspaper vending boxes. And sometimes people just leave books lying around for strangers to pick up. I have seen them in airport lounges, on garden walls, and today I saw one on a beach retaining wall. Wherever I see a free book, I am quietly thankful to the person who chose to share ideas.


  1. I like the title “Free Ideas”. We have free little libraries here too, but I have not seen any of them called “Free Ideas”. Surprising, since I live in the US and there are attempts to ban books again. Sigh.

    1. The one you see here labelled “Free Ideas” was in my former neighbourhood in Edmonton. I thought it was clever, so I borrowed it for this blog post.

      As to book banning, now you know what to buy everyone for gifts! One year I bought my elder son a book that lists all the books that have ever been banned. I also acquired a large collection of LGBTQ books that I gave to my younger son.

      When they tell you what they want to ban, those are the ones to go for. 🙂

      1. I could have sworn I commented on your link, but I don’t find it. In case it didn’t go through, this article is a plethora of information, and I saved it to peruse it further. Thanks!

          1. Word Press was squirrelly yesterday. Or maybe I was spammy yesterday, lol. I rarely look in my spam folder, so I’m impressed you thought to look there!

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