1. Here is my suggestion. I just tested it and it works. Install an extension called CaretTab. When you next open a tab and choose to customize the page, it’ll ask you questions like “Do you want a clock” “Do you want a to do list” and you can say no to all of them. Then you can choose to further customize. From here you can choose your background photo, and then turn off the search bar. Let me know if you have questions! Good luck!

      1. Wow! I’m impressed with the solution! And surprised you didn’t find that on your internet search. I appreciated your post. I saw the first lines about Roe v. Wade, and didn’t have the emotional ability to read it when you first posted it. I was/am having quite the grief reaction. I related to your concern about Google. Once a big machine (the U.S. Supreme Court) interferes with my personal life, it’s easy to mistrust any big machine. And Google is definitely a big machine. In replying to you, I wondered what Google’s stance is. Here’s an interesting read: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/01/google-will-delete-location-history-for-visits-to-abortion-clinics.html And this one: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/abortion-google-workers-can-move-to-states-where-abortion-is-legal-roe-v-wade/
        That gives me some hope.

        1. I apologize for the opening lines. They were not the most elegant or sensitive I could have chosen.

          Thanks for the links. I understand that a few major corporations I providing similiar solutions for their employees, which is encouraging. Not enough, but something.

          1. Oh, I think I understand your use of the opening lines. And I agree; what Google is doing is helpful, but only federal protection is adequate.

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