The Fishers’ Pier in Nanaimo

On the last day of my visit to Nanaimo I once again enjoyed the harbourfront walk. This time I made a point of having lunch at a floating restaurant called Trollers Fresh Fish and Chips where they served me some delicious fresh-caught halibut.

I noted that they had both white and malt vinegar on each table, and when I pointed it out the server said “Of course!”. It reminded me of the malt vinegar that was served with fish when I was a child in England.

This restaurant is on the same pier as several fishing boats and a view of many other boats in the harbour. I don’t know when a boat becomes a ship, but one of those passenger boats looked really big. Perhaps it is a ferry.

And, of course, there were signs of wildlife, too.

This is the view looking towards the mainland.


  1. I googled it and found a bunch of different definitions. I like these ones: a boat is recreational and a ship is commercial, and a boat is appropriate for rivers and lakes and a ship is appropriate for the ocean. 🙂 Great pictures!

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