1. “I’m joking of course, Americans don’t use kilolmetres.” Funniest line I’ve read in a long time! And, indeed, “unusually high caller volume” does occur at every (almost) business I find myself calling. I feel your frustration!

  2. Pretty brilliant problem-solving; I’m impressed you figured out how to talk to a robot and the Passport number debacle. And kept your sanity. Wow!

  3. The magic word … representative.
    Become a broken record through the telephone tree. Don’t even wait for a prompt, just interrupt the script.

    So glad you were successful!

  4. Remember the days when companies had customer service ‘departments’ full of people? Hah – those days are sure gone. Yesterday I tried to access an account online, and I’d log in only to be told to log in, which I then would do again, only to be told to do it again. This morning I have to call a company, and I’ve been dreading it since yesterday.

  5. A subject we can all relate to! So well written. I’ve been told I had the wrong birthday…where does one go from there I wonder?

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