Thank You, Yaktrax

I don’t usually promote products or services on this website, but today I am making an exception. After a recommendation from Judy at New England Garden and Thread a few weeks ago, I ordered a set of Yaktrax, and this week they have been the only reason I have been able to get out of the house.

This is what our sidewalks looked like this morning.

The likelihood that I will break a bone or two if I fall is very high, so I have been very reluctant to go anywhere for weeks now. But, the Yaktrax have given me confidence that I can actually walk outside for while, even on ice and solid snow.

I also carry a hiking pole with a spike on the end for added balance, and so I am walking mostly upright. It occurred to me that walking hunched over looking at my feet may have increased the probability that I would fall, so it is not only enjoyable to look straight ahead, it is quite possibly safer.

This is what my Yaktrax looked like when I got home and a picture of how they look in the online ads.

Image via

In late 2020 I bought these Olang boots that have sections to flip over in order to use the spikes, and I found them very good for walking on packed snow. They are less effective on ice, though, because they tend to skid. So, even though they are comfy and warm, and I like being able to flip over the spikes when I walk into shops or drive the car, they are no good on icy sidewalks.

So, Olang, as much as a love you, my new love is Yaktrax. Today, the two of you seemed to be getting along nicely, and it looks as though we have created a mutually satisfying threesome.

Together we walked about two kilometres, to the library and back, and it felt good to be outside in the fresh air. Thank you Yaktrax and all those who are inventing ways to walk safely in winter.


      • Indeed! Having lived with snow (though not as bad as you experience now, I’m sure) and other aspects of dismal weather while growing up in the UK most romantic notions of snow have long since passed!
        Though, on the very rare occasion we have had snow here it was fun, and weird to see how the pets reacted!
        The one thing about living in the sunshine is when we do have ‘bad’ weather / rain, even if it is torrential, one generally appreciates it as there is certainty that within an hour or two it will pass and the sun will come out …. as it has as I type.
        Stay warm … and steady as you go!

        • We are in a situation where there have been several freeze/thaw cycles and ice on some sidewalks is about an inch thick. Snow is one thing, ice is something else completely.

          But, yes, I will stay warm and as steady as possible. Thanks.

  1. Glad that you are comfortable with the Yaktrax. I have used at least 3 different brands of ice grippers and found that on sheer ice none of them made me feel secure. Perhaps having sprained both knees on ice makes me very tentative.
    The ones that worked best for me were Ice Trekkers. However, they aren’t good if you are going in and out of buildings. I went for a great skate on Yaktrax going down a sloped terrazzo hallway! Now I have boots with built in cleats that flip on and off. Even they aren’t really convenient.

    • It seems as though no-one has yet come up with the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use. I, too, have skidded on tile and landed up on the floor! That was when I was wearing the Olang boots with the studs.

      I hope there are creative people out there working on this, but my hunch is that for now we are stuck with solutions that only work outdoors. None of them are easily convertible. I could take off the Yaktrax but then I’d have to carry the slushy things with me while I shopped.

  2. That ice is really dangerous. I have something similiar to Yaktrax and they’re so good. Works on snow, ice and spring-thaw-mud as well. The kind of ruin the upperside of the shoe but that’s a small price to pay for not braking a hip. I think that if a product is good, more people should know about it and I’m glad you found Yaktrax. Happy walking πŸ™‚

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