The Tawatinâ Bridge

Today the temperature rose to 7 C and it was lovely to get outside in the sunshine. The sky was blue and the air was warm as my eldest son and I took a walk across the Tawatinâ Bridge. (Tawatinâ is the Cree word for “Valley.”) I have wanted to walk here ever since this new transit bridge was completed. The trains run across the top and the pedestrians walk below. It has become a very popular spot.

The ceiling above the walkway has been filled with art work. As we walked I heard a dad say to his son “Just imagine having some of your art work up there for ever!”

The views of the river show clearly that the North Saskatchewan River is still frozen and there are footsteps in the snow of various animals that have crossed it.

At the south side, the bridge crosses into Henrietta Muir Edwards Park and there is easy access for pedestrians and cyclists to both the park and the Tawatinâ Bridge via the footpath and a ramp.

As you can see, the rise in temperatures has caused some of the ice and snow to melt and some patches were very slippery, but we managed to walk across the bridge and back without falling.

When we got back to the parking lot by the Convention Centre, I had a choice of walking on an icy path or a slushy path. I chose the slush.

It was just wonderful to be outside in the sunshine, so I was happy to navigate the tricky path surfaces.


  1. Being outside is so curative! I love the blue sky and snow contrast in your pictures; so pretty! And, I would have chosen the slushy path as well.

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