The Little Guys Take A Turn

After I hung a bird feeder in the tree outside my window, I expected to see magpies because they are the neighbourhood bully-birds, and they did not let me down. After that first day, though, it has been a delightful surprise to see some of the smaller birds also getting a chance to eat a few seeds and nuts.

I may be wrong in my identifications, but I think these are a pileated woodpecker, a kingbird, and a nuthatch.

All images taken with an iPhone XR.


  1. We loved feeding the birds when we had our house. I think that is a downy or hairy woodpecker. The pileated ones look like Woody, with a large red crest. Nuthatches walk head first down a tree, so that helps in identification.

  2. Truly delightful! And snowing to boot! Très Christmassy.
    It’s 22c here today, Bright and Breezy.
    Hope you have a splendid Christmas, Anne. All the very best.

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