There’s No Crying In Alberta

“There’s no crying in Alberta. P.S. Get a job & give back. Thank you. Merci. Hyi Hyi. Gratious & such. Be blessed & a blessing. Much love & respect. Strawberry. Amen.”



  1. I feel like I resonate with the statement for myself and it could be a mantra of mine actually. Although I feel like defacing a wall, (or whatever the surface is) and telling others what to do instead of focusing on you/myself and simply getting to work to be blessed and a blessing sends a completely different message.

    1. The urge to put messages on walls intrigues me. I agree that it is preferable to simply live a good life, so something must have triggered the need to exhort strangers to do the same. It’s a kind of broadcasting, isn’t it?

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