Playing With Dolls

This is a reblog from June 2016 with a nod of appreciation to Governor Newsom of California and Lego for making necessary changes to toys and toy stores this week.

Snowbird of Paradise

Tam's dolls 2_edited Image courtesy of Tam Gorzalka

From the moment a child is born, we want to reassure ourselves that our baby fits into our perceptions of what is considered normal. Normal numbers of fingers and toes, normal weight, normal health, and normal gender. The problem with that is that we have very narrow perceptions of what is normal.

Last weekend, though, I was both surprised and delighted to see some of those assumptions being playfully thrown aside. I was invited along with many others at a community Pride Week event to re-dress those classic symbols of gendered childhood — Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe dolls. We were provided doll clothes, fabric, and other accessories with which to re-imagine them.

Tams dolls 1_edited Image courtesy of Tam Gorzalka

I saw a tattooed Joe in a knitted dress, a Barbie clothed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a Ken doll in a Barbie gown. Everyone who participated was able to…

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      1. I don’t shop at Toys R Us. They put up a demo unit for bigger pieces and then you take a card to the cash register, pay, and they bring the piece from a storage area out to help you put it in your vehicle. Three times in a row, they gave us a cheaper model than the one we paid for. Eventually got two of them replaced and money back for the third but I am never going back.

            1. I did write to the head office for Toys R Us but they didn’t bother to reply. It is their loss. That was way back when our first couple of grandkids were tots. Now we are awaiting the arrival of number 10 and the first great-grand. Needless to say, we have bought A LOT of toys, outfits, and baby furniture, etc. over the years.

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