Sun And Shadows

Today’s morning walk took me along the North Saskatchewan River from Louise McKinney Riverfront Park to Irene Parlby Park. I enjoyed seeing the play of light and shadow on the ground and through the leaves of the trees. I also enjoyed watching a group of about ten women learning to use Segways. When I first saw them they were nervous and wanted to know how to stop and get off them. At the end of my walk, when I saw them again, they were smiling and looking quite pleased with themselves as they rode along behind their River Valley Adventure Co’s tour guide. I didn’t take a photo of them, though, so you will have to take my word for it.


  1. Looks like a lovely walk, a lovely day. I had my first Peer Learning class I am moderating on Addressing Climate Change this morning. Some technical problems, but we may be ok. I’ll be giving a talk on Rising Sea Levels on the 27th.

    1. I try not to take pictures of people without their permission but there were not many people about on Monday morning. I saw a group of ladies learning to ride Segways and apart from them I saw about ten other people walking or cycling on the path.

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