The Lay of the Land

In my explorations this week, I checked out Parksville which is north of Nanaimo. I went there because I was told it was a place that was popular with retirees. I probably should not have gone there right after seeing Cathedral Grove because that was a sight that was hard to beat, but Parksville was on the route back to my Air BnB.

On arriving, I parked my car in one of the main streets downtown and as soon as I got out of my car I heard a woman yelling repeatedly at a man who was not doing what she wanted him to do in the way that she wanted it done. I don’t know what it was all about, but I suspect the man was either slightly deaf or not understanding her. Anyway, it was not a good start to my visit.

I was looking forward to seeing the sea because I had been told there was a nice big sandy beach there. Unfortunately, my first view of the water was preceded by a view of construction. It looks as though a new condo development is going up right next to the beach. So, I walked on a block and down to the beach from a different location.

The person who told me it was a big beach was not kidding! It is huge. In fact, most people had set up their beach towels and umbrellas a long way from the water. I don’t know how many children made it out far enough to actually get wet, but it wasn’t many.

There are quite probably other beaches closer to the water and I know there are other parks I could have visited, but I decided I had seen enough for one day. Parksville, I’m sorry I didn’t see you at your best.


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